Bar & Bat Mitzvah Class , every Sunday @ 10:00 AM

Our goal is to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program that is a spiritual and religious experience connecting child and family to god, the Jewish people and to each other. The core values of our program include the following:

  1. Nurturing Environment: We want our Bar/Bat Mitzvah program to be nurturing and caring. We strive to always be gentle, kind, considerate, patient and sensitive to our students and parents. We want to create an environment that enhances the spiritual and religious experience of Bar/t Mitzvah.

  2. Parental Involvement: Parental involvement is key to the success of our program and the entire Bar/t Mitzvah experience. We encourage and nurture the involvement of parents with the students.

  3. Relationship Development: The continuous involvement of our professional staff with students and parents affords the opportunity for relationship development. Lasting bonds are created between student, parent, rabbis, cantors, and instructors during the course of each students progress through our program.

  4. Excellence in Preparedness: We want our children to achieve a very high level of excellence. We want them to do the very best they can and encourage each child to participate, to the full extent of their ability. The better prepared our Bnai Mitvah – the more positive the experience.

  5. Putting God on the Guest List: We emphasize the religious and spiritual significance of Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We want to connect the child to Judaism, family, Israel and the Jewish people.