i-v4ds9LQ-LIt was following an ancient tradition that immediately after we, who comprise that segment of the Jews of Persia who left Iran in the aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution to settle in the San Fernando Valley area, decided to build our own synagogue. Since we number less than ten thousand, we could easily have worshiped at the many synagogues already in existence in our immediate area. Nevertheless, we felt that we needed a place which would enable us to practice our faith and act as the focal point fir our own particular Persian Jewish culture which we have developed over 2500 years of living in the land of Cyrus the Great. These include support for the State of Israel, assistance to the sick and the needy among members of our community, establishment of center fir the religious studies of our children and more.



All the members of the Board of Directors of the Center and the administration staff, except for a single secretary, provide their dedicated services secretary, provide their dedicated services free of charge to the Center. In fact the annual costs of the salaries of legal, accounting, administerial, maintenance and rabbinical staff of the Center is less than $60,000 per year or less than 8% of the total annual funds donated by its supporters. This figure is far less than the national average percentage for any other similar facility in the nation. The balance of the donated funds are spent towards the payment of mortgage amortization and interest, teachers salary, equipment purchases, maintenance and, most important of all, its charitable donations and community support activities such as:

  • Assistance to the sick in the form of cash payments of medical expenses ranging from heart surgery, bone marrow and kidney transplant to doctors visits and medical tests.

  • Assistance to the homeless.

  • Monthly educational seminars and luncheon for women.

  • Monthly entertainment and luncheon for elderly

  • English language classes for the elderly.

  • Religious classes for teenagers.

  • Kindergarten classes for children.

  • Library facilities for the community

  • Graves and internment costs for the needy.

  • Cash assistance to various national Jewish and non-Jewish charitable organizations such as the Bnai Brith, American Cancer Society, ADL, City of Hope, Chabad, and many more.

  • Establishment of an Iranian Jewish Community Fund in cooperation with other Iranian Jewish Community social, religious and charitable organizations.


Eretz Cultural Center intends to continue the expansion of its facilities and its charitable contributions to these and other worthy organizations whose dedicated efforts are essential to the survival of our Jewish faith, Jewish heritage, and Jewish Culture.