From it inception, the ladies of the Sisterhood Committee of Eretz Cultural Center played a large and active role in making the dream of its founders, and its ever expanding activities and goals come true.

The Sisterhood Committee of Eretz Cultural Center began its activities in 1981 when the center was but a gleam in the eyes of its founders. Initially, the ladies of the Sisterhood held their programs, luncheons and seminars either in a club which had only a capacity of 200 seats, or at the home of some of its members. Sometimes, even local parks or the auditorium of local banks were used for their many activities.

When in 1989 the main building of the Center was completed, the real work of the Sisterhood Committee began in earnest. These include:

  • Cooking classes which are held regularly for the single and the married ladies of the Iranian Jewish community.

  • Tours lasting from one to a few days are arranged for all members of the community to places which are inaccessible to most either due to their lack of transportation and /or familiarity with the English language.

  • By enlisting the help of the Board of Education, free English language classes are conducted 4 days a week from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M. which are even attended by some non-Jewish members of the Iranian community.

  • Seminars and a bazzar which are held on the first Tuesday of each month to which some of leading doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, marriage counselors and other professionals are invited to speak and to provide guidance to their audience on health issues, marriage problems, getting along in an alien society and other subjects pertaining to their fields of expertise.

Always during these seminars, a luncheons is served at the minimal price and following the speech, a band provides light entertainment for the audience.

Periodically, the residents of an old age home from various parts of Los Angeles are invited to attend these seminars as the guests of the sisterhood, and always, free transportation is provided for these honored guests.

  • Arranging for the exhibition of Persian language movies and plays, and holding concerts by Iranian popular and classical singers at the Center at minimal cost. ThesePrograms are particularly popular among the older members of the community because they seldom go out to the movies, plays or concerts due to their relative high cost, lack of transportation and lack of understanding the English language and unfamiliarity with American musical culture.

  • Arranging for family style picnics so that all the members of the community, young and old, can get together to renew old friendships and make new ones.

With the help of the Arthritis Foundation, a free exercise class is held each Tuesday to help those who are inflicted with this painful disease cope wit their pain.

  • To encourage its members, each year the Sisterhood selects one of its laudable and meritorious members as the woman of the year and showers her with honors and accolades at a festive fund raising gala.


The Sisterhood Committee formally became a member of the Women Division League (WDL), and it cooperates fully with the other members of the WDL throughout Los Angeles. The Sisterhood members attends the festival of the WDL which is held annually in Pierce College, and regularly wins the prize for the best booth at the festival.

The Sisterhood Committee has always tried to maintain cordial and friendly relations with all other similar Iranian and non-Iranian organizations and regularly holds programs in conjunction with them.

The Alliance Israelite University holds its annual program at the great hall of the Center, and each year the ladies of the Sisterhood Committee eagerly help in the kitchen to prepare the food in an effort to keep costs at a minimum so that the income to the University would be as high as possible.

Last but not least, the Sisterhood Committee of Eretz Cultural Center takes pride in having been ready, willing and able to help all charitable organizations, regardless of their religious, civil or national affiliation achieve their goals. Among these, we can name the following:

  • A.D.L.

  • IThe Jewish National Fund.

  • School for special children

  • Jerry Lewis

  • City of Hope

As in their family, the ladies of the Sisterhood Committee are the heart beat of the Eretz Cultural Center and provide the life blood of its charitable activities.