Eretz Cultural Center youth program


i-sv9n8Nb-LYouth Services at ECC champions all the best that Shabbat Services have to offer. The children at ECC Youth raise their voices in Tefilla (Prayers), excitedly shout answer after answer in Aleph Beth Champ, sit
riveted during Weekly Parasha/Holiday review, get deep in discussion with the Teen Corner, admire the tales told about the Jewish Hero of the Week, play a variety of interactive group-oriented Games, look forward to and participate enthusiastically in the Monthly Raffle and enjoy delicious food and treats in our very own Youth Kiddush (Kids only zone! No parents
allowed!) which is always followed by Candy and Snack Bazaar!




Here’s a brief summary of each segment.

Tefilla Time aka Praying – ~10:15-10:45am

Every week, we spend a few moments on the Jewish Prayer book (aka Siddur), a text that is over 2,500 years old and was compiled by The Men of the Great Assembly (who were the best and brightest Jewish minds). We begin with Modeh Ani, flow through with Adon Olam, Ashrei Yoshvei, and Shema. We are forever growing, becoming even better and greater, so we try to add more and more, both in content and in explanation to help attain a more profound understanding of Jewish prayers, which have been said by Our Parents, Grandparents and even Great Great Great Grandparents throughout the generations!

Aleph Bet Champ – 10:45 – 11am

A HIGH AMP quiz-style review of the Hebrew Aleph Bet (starting with Aleph and Bet ? Aleph Bet Champ always gets us PUMPED!

We review the letters and number values, the histories of these special characters that make up our Torah, and the hebrew words and special meanings behind them in pursuit of becoming the next Aleph Bet Champ!

Oftentimes, we’ve integrated exciting games that let us get up onto our feet and move around as we learn! We create the Hebrew alphabet letter in Play-Doh Aleph Bet, jump while learning those letters in Aleph Hopscotch, learn our vowels as we throw around a ball in Eeh Oh Ooh!, and answer aleph bet trivia as we use team work to Build the Tallest Tower.

Weekly Parasha/Holiday Review – 11-11:15am

This is the Bread and Butter of the Youth Shabbat Services. It is our special time during which we discover the deeper meanings of one aspect of Judaism through the lens of the Weekly Parasha (Torah Portion) or upcoming Jewish Holiday. We learn how we can apply the Torah’s lessons to our lives in the life-long pursuit of becoming a better more complete member of the community.

In order to get more one-on-one time with different age groups, we’ve even integrated the Teen Corner. With the Teen Corner, we gain deeper parsha insights, learn about world events and issues, and consider Jewish Thought. We’ve even got our very own Teen Center underway!!! The Teen Center will be a place where ECC teens can hangout with their friends, be comfortable, and grow with their friends–a place to call their own.

Jewish Hero of the Week – 11:15 – 11:25 am

Every week we choose one historical Jewish figure and become acquainted with our hero, either a women or a man, a Prophet, King, or Average Joe turned Hero; still, it’s always an individual who made his or her mark on Our People. We try and understand who this person was, where they came from, what they went through, and how they became the role models they are now to Us, the Jewish people!

Kiddush – 11:30 am

Grape Juice, Cholent (don’t worry, it’s parve!), Healthy Fruits and Snacks, Chocolate Milk, Cookies, Oreos, Caramel-Coated Popcorn— need I say more?

Well, if you insist….we’ve got the weekly regular of bagels, cream cheese, eggs, and our monthly special of Cold Cuts (including Pastrami, Mexican Turkey, Salami), hummus, babaganoohs, madbucha and—everyone’s favorite – Sushi (for when our kids have been extra-super-awesome)

Games – 11:45 and on

Think Front-End. Beginning to Finish. We begin with Games and end with Games: Good Old Family Style Games, including such titles as Jenga, UNO, Connect 4, and more….That’s what we do!

Monthly Raffle

Oh, Yeahhh! Think of all that you wanted but your parents wouldn’t buy….well you won’t have that problem here. We raffle off Coffee Bean, Yogurt Land, iTunes gift cards, Morphie Cases, Headphones, Speakers, Legos, Huge Plush Dolls, Chamsa Necklaces, Drones with HD Cameras and – AMC GOLD EXPERIENCE – (Two Tickets, Two Drinks and a Popcorn ?

Candy and Snack Bazaar

Here, you can Deal and Trade using all the tickets you’ve earned during Tefillah Time, Aleph Bet Champ, and simply by Paying Attention –after all it was not for naught! You can trade in your tickets for Lindt Swiss Chocolates, Sour Punch Sticks, Milanos, Salted Seaweed Packs, Jelly Belly’s, Dark Chocolate Acai Balls, Toblerone and more….EVERY WEEK!

Meet Eretz Cultural Center youth program staff



DelavarDelavar grew up in the Valley attending ECC as a child. He’s a mixed bag of goodies when it comes to education, attending both Private Schools (Netan Eli, Valley Torah, and Cardozo Law in NY) and Public Schools (Portola, Taft and UCLA).

Delavar is a truth-seeker and avid traveler. He has experienced the breadth of what Judaism has to offer, attending both Reform and Orthodox synagogues growing up, as well as, spending time in both a Marxist Kibbutz in the Negev and a Yeshiva in Jerusalem, in addition to serving as a Board member to a number of Jewish organizations.

Delavar loves the outdoors, road tripping, camping-out and paintballing.

He has many passions, which include history, Israel, Giving Back & Tikun Olam.

Delavar works as a Divorce Mediator in Beverly Hills and lives nearby with his wife Leeat. 

Delavar favorite quote is: “Your Life May be Someone Else’s Dream”…Think About It 🙂


Delaram Delaram (not Delavar, yes you heard that correctly) is currently working as a Pediatric nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

When Delaram is not busy taking care of her adorable patients, you can find her crossfitting, hiking, traveling, paintballling or just catching up on some sleep (because working the night shift can be brutal).

From the young age of 13, Delaram has alway been interested in helping the underserved and just giving back. She has taken the volunteer role in many organizations whether it was here in Los Anageles such as the LAPD Jeopardy Program or internationally, at Reuth Medical Hospital in Tel Aviv. She has also been a board member of various Jewish organizations in Los Angeles throughout the years. 

A quote that Delaram very strongly believes and lives by, when it comes to having faith and living a successful life is: “ You do your part and Hashem will take care of the rest”…True Story 🙂



Shaina, reading avidly since she was thirteen years of age, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English at UCLA. For fun, Shaina reads, sketches, dances, photographs the world around her, creates slideshows, and hangs out with her family and friends. A lover of books, philosophy, and liberal thought, Shaina is always ready to strike up a conversation about modern politics and Israel. Having gone to Israel on the Birthright trip, considered Jewish thought in various forums, and travelled throughout Poland to witness the remains of the Holocaust, she is invested in cherishing her Jewish identity and seeks to share her love of Judaism and its values. With family who come from both observant and non-observant backgrounds, Shaina perceives the worth of each person discovering his or her own Jewish identity and maintaining each person’s individual values in life. 
One of Shaina’s favorite quotes is (she reads way too much to have only one 😉 : To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. –E.E. Cummings



babakBabak brings an energetic vibe wherever he goes. His passion for Judaism and stories from the Torah really shine through whenever he speaks. Babak’s fun and diverse games, involving team work, character building and Jewish content have the kids always asking for more.

He’s a pre-med student (pediatrics if you must know) and has a BA in History from UCLA.

Babak has many passions, some of which are his 2 dogs (Buddy and Lucky), Judaism (he’s also a teacher at Sinai Temple), History (Jewish and Iranian, especially when they cross) and adventure; be it Crossfit, the outdoors or a Disney movie. However, Babak’s greatest passion is teaching others the joy of being Jewish.

Blessed to teach.
Always excited to discover more.
Believer in the power of Tefillah (Prayer)
Aleph Bet Champ (he’s a master)
Kindness (chesed) is the greatest gift you can give another.